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Our Method

BodyCode System® is more than just training. It is a philosophy of life


Every change of position in the skeletal structures in one extremity of the body has an effect on the other extremity. These actions are governed by the laws of biomechanics, which mirror the laws of physics.

If joints cannot articulate correctly there are repercussions in the connective tissue. With on-going incorrect movement, the muscles and fasciae suffer uncompromising stress, the functioning of other joints is affected, and thus we risk entering the sphere of pathology.

The BodyCode System, with its careful study of myofascial-skeletal muscles, is able to act in a way that restores the body's balance and increase flexibility.

Bodycode System® is a method that leads you in deep knowledge of your body and enhances motor performance. By training with targeted training programs and exclusive, specialized equipment, it is possible to prevent injuries and improve the biomechanics of movement.

Our method was created with the aim of improving one's physical ability and perfecting motor action, thus considerably reducing the risk of injury. In addition, it helps focus concentration on balance, coordination and breathing and facilitates better simultaneous mind-body coordination and improves fluidity of movements.


Improving body awareness means obtaining concrete benefits, both psychic and physical.

With our method you will experience:

  • Correct posture

  • More harmonious movements

  • Stretching of tendons and muscle fibers

  • Better respiratory awareness and lung capacity

  • Equilibrium and proprioception

There can be many causes that negatively affect the body structure, compromising the quality of life. 

Sedentary lifestyle, excessive training, age-related diseases and disorders are all contributors. 

With the BodyCode method it is possible to face and solve the anatomical and biomechanical problems that cause asymmetries and pain from afflications such as lumbago, sciatica, scoliosis, muscle cramps, tendinitis and joint pain. 

We at Bodycode System® believe that the human body is the ideal place to spend our life. This is why we turn to wellness professionals who share our same philosophy and wish to indicate to others a method of working on the body capable of guiding you on an introspective path to train your body in a conscious way, become aware of the breath by enhancing its abilities and improve concentration and relationship with oneself.

BodyCode System Equipment

In over three decades of lengthy, careful study and research of movement and its effects, Pino Carbone developed a patented series of exercise equipment used in the BodyCode System. 
Master Stretch, Elvis, PDAR, Sculptor, Pegasus, Geometrix, and Pro Arch can reduce sports injury and strengthen dancers training by reducing muscle strains, improving balance, realigning abnormal postures, and maximizing joint articulation.


Master Stretch®

  • Stretch, lengthen, and strengthen leg and back muscles & tendons

  • Stabilize ankles

  • Reduce muscle strains, tendonitis, muscle cramps and backaches

  • Start and stop quicker, run firmer and turn sharper

  • Improve balance, stability, flexibility and coordination.

  • Increase energy and blood flow



Elvis the BodyKey®

Multifunctional, small and versatile, Elvis “The BodyKey” is an original and innovative tool designed to produce a proprioceptive action capable of promoting greater perception of the body.

Through a specific program of both static and dynamic exercises, aimed at stabilizing and mobilizing all joint segments, Elvis “The BodyKey” ® involves the entire musculoskeletal system, improving strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, rhythm, balance and proprioception.

  • Suitable both for professionals in the sport of dance and yoga and for all people who want to exercise in a healthy and pleasant way.

  • Elvis The BodyKey ® also allows all users to practice a movement that helps prevent the progressive and physiological stiffening of the lumbosacral junction, an inevitable consequence of aging and back pain.

  • Being able to stabilize the lower back and restore adequate mobility has proved to be one of the best ways to maintain a healthy spine by eliminating chronic pain and  avoiding acute attacks.



Improve mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, reflexes and coordination

Elongate not only the muscles, but also the tendons and complex neuro-muscular fascia chains

Activate stabilization muscles and improve coordination

Offers many supporting surfaces to reduce pressure on the spine and allow a wide range of movement




  • Versatile, innovative, and elegant

  • Improve your overall physical condition

  • Can be used in four different configurations.

  • Used for mobilization and simultaneous stabilization




  • Stretch, lengthen, and strengthen leg and back muscles & tendons

  • Stabilize ankles

  • Reduce muscle strains, tendonitis, muscle cramps and backaches

  • Start and stop quicker, run firmer and turn sharper

  • Improve balance, stability, flexibility and coordination.

  • Increase energy and blood flow


sculptor-2-300x300 (1).jpg


  • Compactible device that can fit inside a suitcase

  • Designed especially to strengthen the inner thigh muscles (adductors) and gluteus muslces by gentle, spring resistance.

  • Strengthens muscles in the back, arms, lower abs, and chest.

  • When squeezed, it becomes a Kegel exerciser strengthening the pelvic floor muscles including the pubococcygeus.

  • The Sculptor is designed to fit comfortably between your thighs



PDAR (Postural Dynamic Auto Re-Education)

Aimed to provide students with the tools they need to realign and rebalance abnormal postures, as well as improve muscle and joint functions.

This restructuring method can be applied to a wide audience regardless of age, both for reducational, rehabilitative, preventive and aesthetic purposes.

PDAR includes the use of some small tools: Arco Largo, Reflex ball, Massage roller for feet, Massage roller for legs and Harmonizing mat.


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