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More About Our System

BodyCode System® will help you discover the potential of your body and improve its physical performance. With its careful study of myofascial-skeletal muscles, the BodyCode System® method allows movement in a way that restores your body's balance and increases flexibility


At the base of the method we have the knowledge of the osteo-articular system, the biomechanical laws, a new concept of movement, and the use of particular equipment


Knowledge of the Osteoarticular System

The path to good health cannot be found by looking at anatomy and physiology alone.

Far from the current approaches to physical training and much more than an exercise program to perform with equipment, the BodyCode® System is the method for evaluating and correcting motor patterns


The Laws of Biomechanics

Every change of position in the skeletal structures in one extremity of the body has an effect on the other extremity. As such, movement is governed by the laws of biomechanics, which mirror the laws of physics.
If joints cannot articulate correctly there are repercussions in the connective tissue. If this continues, the muscles and fasciae suffer ongoing and possibly, permanent, stress. The functioning of other joints is affected, and thus we risk entering the sphere of pathology.


A New Concept of Movement

BodyCode System's concept of movement is based on the principles of dance, yoga, tai chi and medical sciences, which have been “translated” and integrated into a new form that makes this discipline unique, reliable and suitable for every person.
Strengthening mind-body coordination allows energy to be better focused on concentration and balance, but also breathing. Breathing is a fundamental element of the BodyCode System®. If done correctly it saves energy by oxygenating the tissues much more quickly. Furthermore, it contributes to a stronger simultaneous mind-body coordination and allows people to focus their energy on specific parts of the body, and its movement.


Use of Special Equipment

The Bodycode System® method is also based on the use of original equipment, created and patented by Master Pino Carbone: Pegasus® - Geometrix® - Pro Arch® - Elvis® - MasterStretch® - Sculptor® - Dance Ruler®.

Each piece of equipment has been designed to maximize the body’s potential and perform the movements correctly.

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