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In-Person Certification Courses & Workshops

Get BodyCode Certified!

The outstanding feature of the BodyCode System® Certification Course is that each student is able to participate in instruction as it is experienced from the various perspectives of being a teacher, a student, and an observer.
This approach guarantees you will emerge with a comprehensive understanding of the theory as well as confidence in your ability to provide concise and effective instruction.
Why Get Certified?  -  What Will I Learn?  -  Are There Any Requirements?

Certification Courses & Workshop Info

We offer Master Stretch® and Elvis the BodyKey® Certification Courses. If you would like to get certified in both, join our Combined Intensive Course. Certification Courses are held in-person within the NJ/NYC area.

Workshops are offered throughout the year as a way to refresh and expand your BodyCode training.

Why Get Certified?


Worldwide Recognition

Decode Movement Patterns

Increase Functional Capacity

Certification allows you to incorporate BodyCode System methods into your practice and brings worldwide recognition to your credentials through BodyCode System's International Certification Program

Understanding the full potential of the system created by Pino Carbone, you will be capable of identifying complex movement patterns

Fitness, dance, athletic, and rehabilitation (physical therapy) professionals can increase the functional capacity of their clients in a very short time using BodyCode System's whole body approach to movement

What Will I Learn?


Principles and Techiniques

Correct Use of Equipment

Communication Skills

Discounts for Certified Teachers

A progressive and systematic approach to understanding and implementing the BodyCode System. All principles and techniques are taught in strict accordance with the instructions of its founder, Pino Carbone

Instruction on the correct use of equipment and how to identify the best exercises to achieve maximum success with clients of all ages and physical conditions.

Hands-on instruction and practice to perfect the communication skills necessary to teach the BodyCode System method easily and correctly

Instructor discounts on BodyCode System Master Stretch and Elvis devices. Certified instructors are eligible for quantity equipment purchases and  package pricing for 3 or more units

Are There Any Requirements?

To obtain the most benefit from the training course, we strongly suggest participants have a basic knowledge of anatomy and/or biomechanics, or the equivalent.

For professional trainers without BodyCode System experience, there is a Pre-Course Requirement of basic introduction & instruction in the BodyCode System ($80).

Call or email if you have questions about the program and/or your qualifications to participate.


All Courses are Held In-Person

In-Person Certification Courses

Master Stretch®

Master Stretch® is a fundamental component of BodyCode System's patented exercise equipment.​

Its aim is to stretch, lengthen, and strengthen the muscles and tendons of the leg and back to achieve increased elasticity of neuro-muscular fascia, reduced muscle cramps and strains, and improved balance, mobility, and coordination – all within a shortened workout time for your students and clients.

Course Information

  • 12 Hours over 4 Days

  • 1 Purchased pair Master Stretch® @$150 (or provide your own)

  • Date: TBD

  • Location: TBD

  • Price: $650 + Studio Fee

Elvis the BodyKey®

Elvis the BodyKey® is an original multi-tool of small size which supports proper body position through a specific program of exercises designed to strengthen & sculpt the abdominals, hips, buttocks, legs and back.

Elvis the BodyKey® is suitable for both professional and non-professional athletes and dancers. In addition, it provides older adults with the opportunity to practice a movement that prevents the progressive stiffening of the physiological and lumbosacral junction.

Course Information

  • 12 Hours over 4 Days

  • 1 Purchased Elvis @$140 (or provide your own)

  • Date: TBD

  • Location: TBD

  • Price: $650 + Studio Fee

Combined Intensive: Master Stretch® and Elvis the BodyKey®

Save time and money by combining your certification courses in Master Stretch® and Elvis the BodyKey®.

Gain a stronger understanding of the BodyCode System® Method through this intensive combined certification course.

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