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SPECIAL BONUS: Your order includes a FREE Master Stretch®  Private Online Class to start your training! Upon shipping, you'll receive an email with the link to the video.


Used with sneakers, Master Stretch® employs the rocking movement of the ankle to perform a large number of exercises. 

It relaxes the muscles of the legs, back, calves and ankles in just 15 minutes of training.

The function of Master Stretch® is to stretch and strengthen muscle/tendons of the back and the legs, thus preventing cramps, tendonitis, muscle strain, and back pain. Using Master Stretch® improves coordination and leads to greater posture and balance.

Designed for all ages & abilities, dancers, athletes, sports and personal trainers. Master Stretch®  is easy to use and significantly reduces training time.

Master Stretch®

  • Please note that BodyCode System Headquarters requires us to limit sales of Master Stretch equipment to 1 device for non-certified instructors.

    Certified Master Stretch instructors may order more than 2 devices and are eligible for pricing discounts. Please contact us directly for more information at

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